This Page gives a little insight to gold prospecting New York State. For some who are already into Prospecting for Gold in NYS, know that their seems to be no commercial Value in Prospecting for Gold in the State. Also the laws in the state doesn't allow the keeping of any gold or Silver in the state and any finds belongs to the state of NY.
At the current time the laws are in the progress of being changed, so updates will be posted the information comes avaible.
The previous page had some on the history and a little of the laws for the state of NY. Finding History to the Prospecting for Gold an Silver has been a hard one to find any information on for the state.
As far as the gold in the state it is all  Glaciers from the last Ice Age about 10,000 years ago, which makes the gold in the state scattered through out. It seems to be mostly every place in the state and can be found in most streams and gullies through out the state, and also many streams have yet to be looked at for Gold within the state. So there is many discoveries yet to be made.
For anyone thinking they can make money at this hobby of finding gold will soon learn that it just won't happen in the state of NY. That is also the wrong reason to get into this Hobby of Gold Prospecting. This has become a fast growing hobby through out the country and also the world.
There is a lot of clubs and websites on Gold prospecting. Most every state has a website for just this hobby, and there is also a lot of people on these sites that are happy to work with anyone interested in going into gold prospecting.
The most well known clubs that is geared for getting people into prospecting is the GPAA ( Gold Prospecting Association of America ). There is Chapters to the GPAA in every state and you can visit there site through the links on this site. There is a lot of other sites listed in the link that can be visited from other states. Anyone along with this sites Forum would be happy to have new individuals interested in Gold Prospecting to join our forums.
This has become a fast growing family affair for them to spend time together and being shared from all ages and walks of life.
As many new comers have learned there is nothing like being outside with nature and looking for the most alluring metal to be hunted for and the joy of finding it which may just give you what we call "Gold Fever". Which the only cure is finding gold itself.
Most people doesn't realize that only 10% of all the gold in the world has been found. So if someone says it has all been found they are wrong and there is gold yet to found by anyone willing to go and look for it. Gold isn't the easiest thing to find and you soon learn the saying gold is where you find it. Where you think it is, may not be there but in a spot that you would think there is none.
So if you enjoy the outdoors and meeting other people, an looking for a way to spend time with the  whole family, then this maybe for you. So please visit the other sites plus this one and feel free to ask all the questions you want we will be happy to get anyone interested going. Also  This site is locked for registration but please email the webmaster to be a registered member. We get Spammers and Hackers so we have to keep them lock so to keep the site clean for everyone to enjoy as the forums are oriented for family use of all ages.
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